Just arrived to Sweden?

Here are some links that maybe helpful

Your Rights in Sweden

Migrationsverket  – Information from TheSwedish Migration Board. Available in English and 19 other languages. Here you find information about working andstudying in Sweden, and how to become a Swedish citizen.

Sweden  – The official gateway to Sweden. Here you can findquick facts about Sweden, information about everyday life in Sweden, work, education, health care andnews.

Malmö – The Official Malmö website. In here you find information about education, work, social welfare and everything important about Malmö

www.expatsinsweden.com  – Information about living and working inSweden.


Skolverket  – Information about the Swedish educationsystem.

Högskoleverket  – Information inEnglish and 9 other languages about higher education in Sweden. Högskoleverket (Swedish National Agency for HigherEducation) is the public agency responsible for recognising qualifications from abroad.


Arbetsförmedlingen  – The SwedishPublic Employment Service. Information about working in Sweden. The information is also in many otherlanguages.

Job search engines in Swedish:

www.jobbsafari.se , www.monster.se ; http://www.arbetsformedlingen.se/platsbanken

Labour Unions

Most employees in Sweden are members of a national labour union. In Sweden, there are three large confederations ofunions; from their sites you can find the union that suits you and your job. A common way to find a job is throughcontacts but there are also some companies that work as job traders, and a governmental agency that works with thelabour market. Below is a selection of links to labour unions, all of which have their own unemployment insurancefunds.

LO  – is the centralorganisation for 14 affiliates which organise workers within both the private and the public sectors. Available also inSpanish, French and German.

Unionen  – is Sweden’s largest trade union on theprivate labour market and the largest white-collar union in the world.

SACO  – The SwedishConfederation of Professional Associations. Here you search for information by occupation. Information in English and other languages.

Kommunal  – is the SwedishMunicipal Workers’ Union. Information in English and 17 other languages.

Health Care

Sweden Info  – Information about health care, health, socialissues/insurance from the Swedish government.

If you need ambulance call 112.

Pharmacies open from 8:00 – 22:00:

Bergsgatan 48, 21422 Malmö, Apoteket Gripen, Phone – 0771-450450

Swedish supermarkets have the right to sell medicine such as painkillers, for example

At last:

Don’t hesitate to contact some of the many churches in Malmö. There are several churches that are ready to help and to assist in different ways. Also join the services for Christian worship.