Welcome to Malmö International Church!

MIC is an international church with members and visitors from many different nations, in all ages. Our vision is to build God’s church in Malmö and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to every person. MIC is an evangelical and charismatic faith church.

We believe God’s church make a difference and impacts the region through prayer, spreading the Gospel and the truth of God’s word as well as through acts of love. We also believe the local church is God’s family, where we emphazice building lasting relationships. We gather for worship and service every Sunday but many other things happens during the week, all for the glory of God.

We gather as God’s family to worship in the center of the city every Sunday,  to rejoice in God’s presence and to lift up the name of Jesus. Come and visit us, we’d like to get to know you. Every service is bilingual, Swedish-English. Again, most welcome, we are looking forward to meet you!










Pastor Ingmar & Tina Aronson 

Pastor Ingmar Aronson has a BA in Theology from Oral Roberts University, Tulsa USA. He has served as pastor full time for about 15 years in different churches in Sweden. He is dedicated to equipping God’s people to passionately build God’s church and spread God’s gospel. He is appreciated as a teacher and preacher of the Word. He is married to Tina Aronson who has a BA in Theology & Leadership and has served in different church leadership for about 15 years. She is also educated as a social worker. Tina share Ingmar’s dedication to see God’s church being built and God’s gospel being spread. She is much appreciated as a preacher and she is responsible for the women ministry as well as the Teen ministry.



MIC is an evangelical and charismatic church, a spiritual oasis in the heart of the city of Malmö. MIC is a part of the Swedish Faith Movement (Trosrörelsen) and is also a member of the Christian Council of the churches of Malmö (Malmö Kristna Råd). MIC is also a part of the international Salt & Light-movement of churches.

MIC proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ and preach and teach the message of the bible with a historical-grammatical interpretation. The bible is the foundation for our faith and the guide for how to live the Christian life.  MIC confesses and believes in accordance with the Apostolic creed and the Nicean creed.