“My name is Lasma. I come from Latvia, but last autumnthe Master studies brought me to Malmö, where I studied 9 months.

I found Malmö International Church thanks to my dearfriend Kadi. I saw her pictures in Facebook from Christmas celebration, wherepeople were dancing, smiling and having a good time… in the church. So Iasked her „What is this place? It looks really nice!”. She said that I shouldcome here if I feel like. And I did. Soon after I started to sing in theworship team and share the gift God has gave me.

I must say that before I came to Sweden, I didn’t feelso close to God as I would like to. During the time spent in MIC I have foundmy way to Him and now I feel like I am not walking alone- He is leading me. Iam really thankful and happy that I found this amazing church. And every day Ithank God that he brought me here. That he gave me these amazing people andamazing friends. He reached out his hand and He spoke to me… and it is a greatblessing, that I took His hand and heard His voice and now He is in my life.”