Welcome to Malmö International Church!

– A spiritual oasis is the heart of Malmö!

As a church we recently celebrated six year and hundreds of people sees our church as their spiritual home.

The vision of the church:

   “To be a comprising and growing church of God in Malmö, that effects the city and extending out to reach all people in the region”

The urpose with Malmö Church:

  • To be a clear testemony that Christ Jesus is a living reality today
  • To touch people strongly with the love and power of God
  • To win people for God and to make them disciples, equip them and send them out to win others
  • To send out workers to the harvest in the nations and to build new churches

We want to be a life-giving christian fellowship with focus on worship, bible study, Malmö conferences and social work.


Malmö International Church is an evangelical and charismatic faith church. We are a part of the faith movement in Sweden and are also members of Malmö Christian Council. Our faith is based on the knowledge that the Bible is the guide and the foundation of the faith-teaching and the Christian life. The Church is also based on a classical founded faith-teaching in accordance with the early Christian confession about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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