God Loves you and has a plan for your life!

Welcome to Malmö Church!

We believe in a new time from Malmö and all the people of God in this region. All people, regardless of background or present status needs to hear the gospel of Christ Jesus. That is the reason why this Church has been founded, with the goal to reach all the people in the region with the love and power of Jesus Christ. The church is evangelical, charismatic and international.

We are building the church of God in Malmö, with faith-teaching, social work and mission.

Again, most welcome, we are looking forward to meet you!










Pastor Ingmar & Tina  Aronson 

Pastor Ingmar Aronson has a BA in Theology from Oral Roberts University, Tulsa USA. He has served as pastor full time for about 15 years in different churches in Sweden. He is dedicated to equipping God’s people to passionately build God’s church and spread God’s gospel. He is appreciated as a teacher and preacher of the Word. He is married to Tina Aronson who has a BA in Biblical Leadership and has served in different church leadership for about 15 years. Tina share Ingmar’s dedication to see God’s church being built and God’s gospel being spread. She is much appreciated as a preacher and she is responsible for the women ministry as well as the Teen ministry.


Daniel och Ann-Sofie

Daniel & Ann-Sofie Segerfast

Daniel Segerfast is an elder in the MIC. He has en BA in Theology from Oral Roberts University, Tulsa USA. He grow up in a missionary family in Tanzania and has also worked as a missionary in the Ukraine. He is an experienced and much appreciated bible teacher, especially in matters related to marriage- and family counselling. He is married to Ann-Sofie and together they have 4 children.


David Lindkvist and Alex Olumide

David and Alex serve as members of the MIC board and are responsible for different ministries in the MIC. They are both much appreciated for their serving lifestyle and dedication to build the church and serve the people.